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10.5 Amp 412 Angle Grinder No LockOn Switch

10.5 Amp 412 Angle Grinder No LockOn Switch

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If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight angle grinder, Metabo HPT’s 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder (No Lock-On Switch) (G12SE3Q9M) is an ideal choice. It has an impressive 10.5 amp motor, and forcible output power of 1,900W to take on the toughest grinding jobs.聽 Highly durable, it has up to twice the overload durability of competing models.聽 The tool-less wheel guard can be easily adjusted to the desire angle, while the specially sealed armature coil design reduces ingested debris, prolonging tool life. A removable side handle gives you more control and comfort as you work, and its carbon brush access allows users to replace the brush as needed.聽 At just 4.2 lbs., the lightweight and compact design facilitates excellent maneuverability and is perfect for overhead tasks.

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